About Our Club

Welcome to a place where anything can happen! Visit us and unwind after a tough day, enjoy great drinks, electrifying music and amazing views as our tasty girls perform just for you and your friends or even business partners. But no matter if you are alone or coming with company, you are going to have an amazing time here!

The club is designed as to give you the best entertainment you can wish for. Any seat you decide to take is situated in a manner ensuring the best view of the stage… wait, scratch that, of the stages! Anywhere you look, there is an unbelievably hot girl giving a performance of her lifetime and making you forget about the whole world. Nothing else matters, there is just you and our naughty girls. They dance both on the stage pouring their hearts into finger-licking, mouthwatering, delicious pole dance and on your carefully thought out bar designed especially to double as an entertainment centre where the girl makes for the best visual effects a nice fellow like you would like to feast his eyes with.

The two stages are of course not everything we and our sweet eye-candy have to offer. The girls tend to all of your needs and give the finest lap dances in Dubai – no restrains, no monotony and no chance for you to get bored. Even when you are sitting down, our marvelous and electrifying performers can make you stand up… And when you are no longer in a mood for sharing your experience with our other patrons, you can always decide to go some place secluded with one of the dancing goddesses and let her rock your world in privacy.

Be sure to check out our girls and learn more about our private dance option – you won’t regret it!